Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Tabacco Weekend"

You'll have to ask Kolby what a "tabacco" is. He heard us referring to "the backhoe", and he thought we were saying "tabacco". He was like, "Mom! I got to drive the tabacco!"

Anyhow, Derek borrowed a backhoe from a contractor this weekend, and did a little renovating around the yard. On the street side (back of the house), he removed two small rock walls and prepped the ground to have ashpalt layed next week. Our neighbors have been very gracious about us parking in front of their house, but our fleet of vehicles need a place of their own. Here are some before and after pictures....and of course some pics of the neighbor kids lending a hand.

These are the two walls that will soon disappear.

Kody taking a shot at the demolition...

Kolby gets his turn too!!

Here come the cute little boys from down the street. In the middle is Nalu and to the right is his brother Kanai.

Above Kanai gets a lesson from Uncle Derek, and below, Nalu takes his turn.

HEY! This doesn't look like work!!

WOW! What a difference...ready for asphalt.

Since the backhoe is here, we have a few orange and/or tangerine trees too many. Kody is happy to dig'm out. (Notice our beautiful view...)

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